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Overseas Students Application

一、 每年申请截止日期 Deadlines and Entry Date
11月30日 /5月30日 Deadline: November 30th for spring semester
May 30th for  fall semester
Entry Date: March in spring semester
September in fall semester
*Any change with the aforesaid date and time is subject to the notice.
二、 申请资格  Application qualification
1. 身体健康且年龄18-60周岁
Applicants should be healthy and between 18 to 60 years old.
2. 持外国有效护照的非中国籍公民。
Foreign students (non-Chinese) should provide valid passport.
3. 能负担在华学习期间的学习与生活费用。
Applicants can afford the tuition and living expenses during their study in China.
三、 提供材料 Materials needed
1. 填写《来华留学生申请表》(见附件)Application Form of Admission (attached)
2. 护照复印件(护照首页签名后复印,需清晰)
3. Copy of passport (including the signature, high quality)
4. 成绩单 Academic transcript
5. 在读证明或者毕业证 Certificate of School or Graduation
6. HSK成绩单(若无可不提供)Transcript of HSK (Optional)
7. 照片:8张(白底护照规格)8 passport size photos (white background).
8. 电子版证件照片一张 An electronic passport size photo

来华留学生申请表Applicaiton form for international students